Blast testing of military grade PAXCON by LINE-X performed at Stone-OBL’s open-arena facility proves durability against real-world terror attacks

PAXCON is a military grade polyurea coating designed to provide protection from the effects of high powered explosions by maintaining structural integrity and reducing the effects of flying debris. Testing was recently performed at the Stone-OBL open arena facility, designed and planned by Stone Security Engineering. The test compared the effects of an open-air high powered blast with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (ANFO) equivalent to a car bomb explosion on uncoated and PAXCON-coated unreinforced cinderblock walls.

The uncoated wall was completely destroyed and became a flying debris hazard and while the PAXCON-coated wall showed effects of the blast, the interior and exterior coating layers remained structurally intact, contained all masonry debris, and suffered almost no effects of fragmentation.

Un-coated Wall

Coated Wall

Nick Cabrera