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Stone Security Engineering is pleased to present our latest course offering

Protective Knowledge

Protection In High Threat Environments Demonstration Course

What:  4-day Face-to-Face course combining classroom instruction and live demonstrations

When:  June 4 through June 7, 2018

Where:  Bend Oregon at Stone-OBL Blast Test Facility

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Do you work in or protect people in High Threat Environments?

Are you a security professional, an architect, a procurement specialist, or a real estate specialist who has been faced with an assignment or a project that involves providing protection against explosions, ballistics, forced entry, or vehicle ramming?

Do you want to be able to see live demonstrations of how explosions affect common building materials?  How specially manufactured doors and windows respond to ballistics or forced entry attacks?

Then this course is for you.

Overview:  This class is designed to provide professionals who work in high threat environments an overall knowledge of blast, ballistics, forced entry and vehicle ramming effects on buildings and structures; and how to protect against these them.  The course will discuss the strengths and vulnerabilities in traditional building construction types, pros and cons of available retrofits, an explanation of what a blast (or multi-hazard) vulnerability assessment is (and is not), steps to be taken to provide protection to your people and structures, and myth-busting of frequently misunderstood concepts.

This is not an engineering class filled with charts and diagrams and formulas. This is a class filled with practical information, based on our years of experience, that you can use the minute you walk out the door.

Demonstrations:  We strongly believe that ‘seeing is believing’ and we are therefore incorporating live demonstrations of blast, ballistics, and forced entry effects on standard buildings materials and specially designed protective building products.  Course participants will be able to inspect the specimens before and after the demonstrations, to better understand the concepts we are teaching in the class.

Who should attend: Security professionals, procurement and project management personnel, architects and engineers, and blast product vendors who now work in, hope to work in, or have clients that work in high-threat environments.  This class will focus on the needs of United Nations, NGO, or other similar organizations.

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Tuition:  $3,900.00 USD

(Early Registration Discount of 5% if registered before January 31, 2018.)

If you have questions, please call Holly Stone at +1 646-649-3169 or Khaled El-Domiaty at +1 703 682 6872 or email us at

We look forward to seeing you in June!

Arturo Montalva