Testing of Pre-Stressed Concrete Slabs Under Impulsive Loading

Given the number of existing pre-stressed concrete containment structures and new builds anticipated in Canada, the U.S., and worldwide, there is a need to define design provisions for pre-stressed concrete elements with all specificities of nuclear structures (e.g., reinforcement ratio and detailing, pre-stressing level).  This information would be beneficial for vendors, designers, regulators, and standards development organizations worldwide.  This research project originated as a joint effort of three different standards committees: Joint ACI-ASME Committee on Concrete Components for Nuclear Service (BPV III), ACI 349 - Concrete Nuclear Structures, and ACI 370 - Blast and Impact Load Effects.


Representative Slab Specimen Post-Blast Test

ASME ST-LLC obtained project sponsor funds from industry, regulatory agencies, and standards developing organizations (SDOs) who have a direct interest in this research project to test pre-stressed concrete slabs under blast loading. ASME ST-LLC contracted with Stone Engineering, P.C (Stone) to preform design and fabricate the pre-stressed concrete slabs and to preform blast tests.  In addition, VSL USA has provided technical expertise and labor to Stone in designing and constructing the slab specimens, as well as partial contributions to the VSL PT material.

Stone Security Engineering, P.C. and Stone-OBL, LLC conducted a series of large-scale blast tests on two‐way pre‐stressed concrete slabs to achieve prescribed rotations specified in the research proposal from the Special Working Group of Modernization reporting to the Joint ACI-ASME Committee on Concrete Components for Nuclear Service (BPV III).


Exterior Bonded Pre-Stressed Concrete Blast Test