Extreme-WOODLAM PANEL Blast Test


Stone Protective Solutions Extreme-Woodlam Panel Blast Test

Stone-OBL was tasked to conduct blast test for Stone Protective Solutions on newly developed patent-pending blast-resistant Extreme-Woodlam Panel.  The technology can be applied to the manufacturing and/or upgrades of blast-resistant modular units that need to meet safety design requirements from accidental explosions or security Anti-Terrorism design requirements from bomb attacks. The explosive charges used in the testing program were equivalent to car and truck bomb threats with a different standoff for each test.  


Blast-Resistant Extreme-Woodlam Panel


Exterior Extreme-Woodlam Panel Blast Test

No damage and permanent panel deformation was observed during post-test inspection (i.e., the panel returned to its original pre-test position resulting in an elastic response.  The panels can potentially take even higher loads for applications where permanent panel deformation is acceptable (e.g., where panels are subjected to a one-time blast event and only need to sustain capacity to allow for personnel egress).


Post-Test 1 Exterior (left) and Interior (right) 

Post-Test 2 Exterior (left) and Interior (right) 


Interior Extreme-Woodlam Panel Blast Test