Curtainwall Blast Test

Stone-OBL performed an open-air blast test on curtainwall glazing system for a vendor in the Middle East to confirm the system complies with the project specifications and blast design criteria.

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Bonded  Pre-Stressed Concrete Blast Test

Stone Security Engineering, P.C. and Stone-OBL conducted a series of large-scale blast tests on two-way pre-stressed concrete slabs to achieve prescribed rotations specified in the research proposal for the Special Working Group Modernization reporting to the Joint ACI-ASME Committee on Concrete Components for Nuclear Service.

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Double Door Blast Test

Stone-OBL performed an open-air test of double door systems for a United Arab Emirates blast door vendor.  The door systems were supported by steel framing in the Stone-OBL Concrete Reaction Structure, and were evaluated for different explosive charge sizes. 

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Stone Protective Solutions Extreme-Woodlam Panel Blast Test

Stone-OBL was tasked to conduct blast test on Stone Protective Solutions  newly developed patent-pending blast-resistant Extreme-Woodlam  Panel.  The technology can be applied to the manufacturing and/or upgrades of blast-resistant modular units.

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Un-bonded Pre-Stressed Concrete Blast Test

Stone Security Engineering and Stone-OBL has lead an investigative effort to conduct open-air blast test on an un-bonded Post-tensioned slab reinforced with Structural Technologies’ proprietary systems.  The slab that was specifically detailed by Structural Technologies to withstand blast loading was tested at Stone-OBL blast testing site outside of Bend, Oregon.

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