Introducing ProtectiFlex USA: Innovative Single Material Solution Against Extreme Loading

New York, USA June 20th, 2017-StoneSmart Solutions, (StoneSmart) is pleased to introduce ProtectiFlex USA; an innovative construction material solution against extreme loading hazards. In partnership with Enviromate Ltd, the team has developed a proprietary technology, consisting of recycled non- biodegradable material and fibers in a concrete mix, that produces a finished product which resembles typical precast concrete panels, or masonry blocks. This technology can be easily integrated within a structural steel or concrete framing or façade system to resist blast loading, ballistic, and/or forced entry requirements in a wall or panel construction setup.

                      Blast and Ballistic Testing on the ProtectiFlex Block Wall System

                      Blast and Ballistic Testing on the ProtectiFlex Block Wall System

ProtectiFlex USA can be cast in a wide range of architectural finishes, both for new construction, and retrofit applications. The product is very durable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and also has the ability to provide improved seismic resistance in structures due to the product’s ability to provide energy wave dampening.

ProtectiFlex USA is an effective form of force protection against the volatile and violent nature of our world today, in which the possibility of blast and ballistic attacks is more and more of a reality.  It offers a defensive solution which can be retrofitted onto existing structures or integrated into new designs.  Its innovative sustainable formula allows bullet and bomb blast energy to be absorbed and dissipated through the structure instead of shattering.  This reduces the risk of spalling injuries without diminishing its structural integrity.

ProtectiFlex USA's excellent protective qualities combined with its large variety of applications and architecturally appealing shapes and sizes make it an attractive mitigation solution against the various threats and incidents that face the world today. 

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