Protection In high threat environments Demonstration course

Thank you all for being a part of our June 2019 course.  We had a great time, and hope that you did as well!   This page is for students-only, and has: 

blast picture.png


Before and After photos of the demonstrations


Group Photo.jpg


Group and miscellaneous other photos taken during the class. 


video capture.PNG


Combination of Hi-speed, real-time, and GoPro videos from the demonstrations.  Note that we are still formatting some of the videos and will be loading more to this page as we get that completed. 


Instruction Modules

Course material and handouts, including updated PDFs of the Industrial and Money Matters modules.  The ones on your thumb drives are not up-to-date. 


Class Contact Information

Part of the effectiveness of this class comes from the connections made between the students.   Here is a class list with names and email addresses of your fellow attendees. 


Vendor List

This is a vendor list with a matrix of the types of products, and threats protected against, for each of the vendors.