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Stone Security Engineering Announces the Launch of StoneSmart Solutions

New York, USA May 23, 2017-  Stone Security Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of StoneSmart Solutions, a research and development company dedicated to developing new and innovative products and services for the protective design community. StoneSmart’s first efforts toward this goal have been the creation of two joint venture companies: Stone-OBL and Stone Protective Solutions. In addition to these joint ventures, StoneSmart has teamed with ProtectiFlex USA, which provides a versatile, cost-effective, and practical construction material solution for all of our clients’ ballistic, forced entry, and blast resistant needs.

Stone-OBL specializes in testing building products against extreme loadings such as blast, ballistics, forced entry, and fire. Stone-OBL combines the engineering expertise of Stone Security Engineering and the testing, instrumentation, and research expertise of Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (OBL). The combination of these skills makes this joint venture a one-stop shop for extreme load testing, product research and development, and product certifications. The Stone-OBL blast test range is able to accommodate a wide variety of test specimen configurations, explosive materials and weights, and standoffs in order to meet the varying needs of the security, safety, and industrial sectors.

Stone Protective Solutions is developing a line of modular building products which are engineered to meet security and safety requirements. Our Extreme-Woodlam Panel is a patent pending technology whose blast resistance capabilities exceed those of other materials of the same weight, such as steel and concrete.   Other benefits of this technology, compared to traditional steel modular buildings, are that it is created from renewable materials, uses less energy to manufacture, and is less expensive to ship.  Additionally, structures that have our Extreme-Woodlam Panels inherently provide enhanced insulation, and quieter interior environments. 

ProtectiFlex USA is an innovative single material solution that protects against extreme loading. The proprietary technology, consisting of recycled rubber chips and fibers in a concrete mix, closely resembles typical masonry blocks and precast concrete panels. ProtectiFlex provides advantages over conventional masonry and precast concrete due to its impressive energy absorption characteristics, making it an excellent choice for a ballistic, forced entry, and blast resistant material, which can easily be integrated within a traditional structural steel or concrete structure.  

We are thrilled by the launch of our new ventures,” said Hollice Stone, General Manager of StoneSmart Solutions. “The Stone team has always had the attitude that if we see a hole in the industry, we want to fill it – and that is exactly what we are doing. We look forward to expanding our ability to provide high quality products and services which fit the needs of our industry.”   

Throughout the coming weeks, StoneSmart Solutions will be profiling their recent projects and detailing the various offerings across the StoneSmart portfolio. If you would like to receive this information, sign up for their newsletter today.

StoneSmart Solutions, LLC is a small business and New York based company established by the primary engineers of Stone Security Engineering.

Stone Security Engineering is an internationally recognized small, woman-owned business specializing in the protection of people, buildings, and structures from accidental and manmade hazards.  We focus on blast resistance, and security and safety engineering and design; predicting and mitigating intentional or accidental hazards from explosions, fires and toxics; security and blast vulnerability assessments; and training.   Our engineers have participated in multi-hazard vulnerability, threat, and risk assessments for more than 200 facilities around the world and abnormal loading design for more than 300 buildings and structures.

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